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HollidaySmiles Dentistry is ready to serve your dental needs in a comfortable,

modern and safe environment. 

The safety of our patients, staff and families is our top priority.

We have taken steps recommended by the CDC to make our office even cleaner

and further reduce the risk of exposure to our patients.


Some of these steps include:

                                   - Personal protective equipment recommended by the CDC 
                                   - More frequent cleaning and disinfection of common areas and frequently

                                     touched surfaces
                                   - Handwashing stations and hand sanitizer readily available throughout office
                                   - Removal of magazines, books, coffee, etc from the waiting area
                                   - Addition of air purifiers in each operatory and medical-grade air filters in our

                                     HVAC uptakes
                                   - Taking temperature and/or oxygen saturation of patients at check-in

                                  Some things we may ask of our patients:

                                  - Answer some preliminary health screening questions
 - Reschedule if you are not feeling well and/or have had fever in the past 72 hours

                                     and/or have been ill the past 14 days.
                                  - Check-in from your car via cellphone and/or text.
                                  - Avoid bringing companions or family members to your appointment.
                                  - Change your appointment time if you are over 70 years old.
                                  - Expect quicker visits to minimize time spent in the dental chair as much as

                                     possible .
                                 - Wash your hands.

We want to reassure our patients that we have always practiced proper and effective sterilization and disinfection as part of our daily routine, and this is effective against many infectious diseases,       
including COVID-19. The extra precautions we’ve put in place will allow us to provide much-needed (and possibly overdue) dental care to our patients in an even safer environment.
Our main priority is the safety and health of our team, patients and families!

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